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May 2006

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Thursday, May 4th

The Politics of the Soul

music: Saint Ann's Fugue by Bach
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After years of observation, and much conversation over sickly sweet smoke, it finally dawned on me that religion is the politicalization of out innate spirituality. I'm sure this process began for the best of reasons: ancient peoples had to work together to survive, so, in order to prevent resorces being wasted on raising hogs in the desert, for instance, this activity went from being a merely unwise economic activity to something wicked, and anyone who persisted found his product labeled 'unclean' and therefore unsellable. But as society grew, the religions did too, and in ways that were not for the benefit of the society as a whole. What possible value is an absolutist frame of thought, when faced with a world in flux, and with enough reasons for all the nations to go to war.
Perhaps it's God's plan. See, His babe, Mother Nature, is threatened by the malignant spread of humanity, and it could very well be that only a long, bloody war with no possible victor is the way to bring our numbers back in line, as well as giving the surviving humans an abject lesson about why you should never fight for anything you can't hold in your hand. Maybe after half of the world's citizens are annilhated, we can get ourselves thinking straight. It's too bad a critical mass of people haven't accepted my hypothesis, but people usually don't change anything until blood flows copiously, and the stench of death hangs over the land.
I came to this conclusion not only from bearing witness to the folly of my age, but also because I accept Jesus more for his political meaning, than any wine created from putrid Jordan River water. The big mistake of the Soviet Union was in not pointing out how much of an inspiration Jesus was to their cause, and how the major Christian sects betrayed them for the sake of earthly power and pleasure. Had they made that effort, maybe they could've survived, but in the end, that, too, was just another form of religion, leading people into battles fought not for land or treasure, but for words. Perhaps the only true faith would be one where the priests didn't speak at all.
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