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April 2006

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04/04/2006: "potpourri"

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Intellect and emotion always vie for control of each seperate human mind. In many ways, the number of sociopaths in any given society is a reflection of the value placed on warfare, for a sociopath is a perfect warrior: without fear, remorse, or any reflection on what must be done. Naturally, he would be rewarded for his thoughtless courage with status and all that comes with it, and he would begat many little sociopaths. As long as the fighting never ends, he can function in society...I think I need to take a
new chance on my dreams, if only to expand my mind beyond the dreary confines of the work-a-day world. There's still things to say that no one else can, and ways to look at the world that have not been considered...Barry Bonds can have the home run record. No one can prove a thing, and it doesn't matter if they do. The whole dilemna displays an anti-scientific way of thinking. Why shouldn't we adore those athletes willing to risk their health on unknown side effects just to please us for 5 to 20 years? Do you want to live forever?...I'd rather not take any potshots at our beloved President, because
that's like shooting a squirrel with a howitzer, and after you do that a few hundred times, it's just not as much fun. The truth is that it's not Bush that is the problem, but he is a symptom of the disease that
is rotting away the system that has served us so well. Those who think that Hillary Clinton would be a big improvement are simple-minded, especially given her penchant for wrapping herself in the flag and issuing bellicose foreign policy announcements. Somehow, I think if Gore had won, we'd have gone to Iraq anyway...As for John McCain, I read in Paul Krugman's column in the April 3rd New York Times that he's getting real cozy with Jerry Falwell. Anyone who wants to be President that badly loses all respect earned by past good deeds, for his way of bucking the status quo to do good by the people has been replaced by the ethos that the ends justifies the means. Haven't we been subjected to enough of that crap by little George and his Kleptocrats?

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