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January 2006

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01/04/2006: "Backwaters"

music: silence
mood: pensive

I wonder if anyone reads this. Once in a while, I'll give the address out, but have yet to see a single comment on any of my missives, or the serial in progress. In the past, that might have bothered, but due to my utter positivity, I take it that everyone agrees with me, and are so dazzled by my thinking that they realize they'll never reach my level of thought and have gone out to have lobotomies. Always best to look on the bright side, I like to say.
But if anyone would like to leave a note, I could possibly answer it. Until then, I'll try to maintain this blog's high standards, and get the word out, that I'd make a good President of the United States. I'll do
press conferences in a smoking jacket, and trick other world leaders into engaging in internet porn,
thereby gaining America a significant diplomatic advantage. I don't expect the Chinese leadership to be so high-faluting after cyber-space has seen them having sex with donkeys.
Would that nitwit Bush ever think of that? I don't think so. Therefore, if you have no comments, at least send your campaign contributions. I promise nothing, but I'm ready for anything. What more does America need?

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