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December 2005

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12/30/2005: "why we can all go to Hell and I won't give a damn"

music: War Nerve by Pantera
mood: whimsical (joking)

So dig, we're all a bunch of rotten bastards when you get right down to it. You can have your noble phiulosophy if you want, but I'll follow the first power-mad motherfucker who comes along and says,
"Let's all go out and kick some ass just for the hell of it." Fuck believing anything.
Most of these philosophies are just there to make us fall in line, and be good little cogs in the grim machinery of progress. Better to rely on enlightened self-interest than some hazy dogma full of sunshine and gumdrops. Too bad the chances of that happening are slim to none. Makes you want to ask the Intelligent Designer to send a big fireball to wipe this whole planet clean.
It seems to me if the design was truly intelligent, then our holy Designer would have left people out of the picture, or at least reduced the arrogance, ignorance, and plain old stupidity. The existence of civilization proves the random nature of reality to my mind, for why would any rational plan include such a harmful thing? Every civilization that's come along has eventually met its downfall by degrading the environment responsible for its riches, leaving it ripe for collapse from within or conquest by younger civilizations or savages untainted by the allure of easy living. In my own country, the U.S.A., we are seeing the first signs of ecological degradation, which will lead to a lowering in our standards of living, and leave us vulnerable to other cultures. This might be many decades from now, but it is inevitable, no matter how much the "Amerika uber alles" might think that force of arms will hide our weaknesses. If anything, the reliance on the military has quickened the pace of our downfall through the waste of resources and the creation of enemies resentful of our strength, who long for the day we can no longer throw our weight around.
Onward Christian'll not live to deal with the consequences of our hubris. Just don't expect the Intelligent Designer to grant any reprieve when pollution and population pressure combine to take our empire down, as it did Sumeria and so many others. If we're lucky, we can be like China, and live happily apart from the rest of the world. But with fools like the Bush leaguers running us down, I don't think that's likely.

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