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November 2005

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11/16/2005: "plots not my own"

music: Symphony Fantastique, final movement by Berlioz
mood: funereal

"Be honest," the Frenchman said. "You hate your fellow Americans more than even the most irascible French citizen. Tell me the truth. There is no harm in the truth."
"I love my country," I said. I had just come to, and was laying on the floor, still naked. The Frenchman
tenderly rubbed my shoulder, and chuckled.
"And I love my country, too. Still, that doesn't stop me from wanting to march down the Champs-Elysee with a shotgun, blowing every baguette eating pseudo-intellectual away. And if I was near the sacred Notre Dame, I would blow off a bomb just as the first worshipper took communion."
"You are an evil man," I said. "I would only kill for good, not evil."
He laughed. "So you would redeem your victims in their own blood," he surmised. "That is such a typical American way of thinking. Where would the art be in your approach?"
He was still caressing me, but I didn't mind. "There would be no art, just a quick, clean death, followed
by a sudden exit. Those who look into my eyes would see sorrow, for I would be sad about what I must do." He slid his hand down my back, and it came to rest on my right buttock. "That was nice," I told him. "Please don't stop."
He handed me some lubricant, and I applied it to his stiff penis. He shoved my face into the floor, and penetrated me. He said, "Tell me more about your merciful cruelty."
As he fucked me, I ranted, "It would all be based on the future of the race, the human race. I could tell in a second if you were a threat to the survival of the species. Black, white, yellow, red, skin color would prevent me from doing my duty. Mindless, rude, hopeless, naive, ugly, fat, or stupid...I'd have to snuff you for the glory of Mankind. If I could slay every misbegotten piece of garbage strewn about society without being caught, I would do so every time I could. I'd be such a bitch."
"You're my bitch, little Tommy. You're my bitch."
I agreed, and he repeated himself, and I agreed some more, and then he climaxed, and fell on to me.
I was lost.

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