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September 2005

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09/13/2005: "information overload"

music: Uncle Meat theme by Frank Zappa
mood: torn

"People know more and more about less and less," I told David Lynch's disembodied head. It was impaled on a stick that stood in the corner of the room. The Frenchman sent it to me as a gift, and since no one had given me much of anything lately, I thought I might as well keep it.
"I know what you mean," the head replied. "The inane chatter of my fellow humans grated on my nerves so much near the end, that I was glad when the Frenchman killed me. And I still get to direct the sequel to Mulholland Drive."
"Weren't you dead for the original?"
"I can't remember."
"Anyway, back to information overload, I am so overwhelmed by the suffering of the world that I want to pull down all the electrical lines and dig up all the fiber-optic cables. Perhaps giant Luddite gophers could be bred to undertake the task, and when they're done, they can overrun the Bush ranch."
"And Laura Bush can go down on Cindy Sheehan."
"If it would make the Frenchman happy, so be it."
The head laughed, blood gurgling out the side of its mouth. Even I cracked a smile.
"Disembodied head, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

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