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August 2005

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08/04/2005: "busybodies"

music: War Pigs
mood: pissed-off

Why must people stick their noses where it's not wanted? Does it give them a feeling of superiority? I wonder. It's some misplaced altruism, perhaps, or it could be mere curiousity. Either way, iit pisses me off. I'll let my problems fester without your help, thank you, so kindly get the hell away from me until I want something from you. Is that hard to understand? It shouldn't be, but folks just don't appreciate the value of keeping out of someone else's shit.
It's less expensive to be ignorant, but someone always has to come around and stick their nose where it does not belong. If you want to get involved in my shit, you had better have some money, because I see the world getting smaller every day, and I need to build a shelter from the storm. Soon, there will be no one in my life who cares any more, just a bunch of jackasses who want to shove their nose into my personal business, just for laughs or something even more spiteful. Families, friends, all can just mind your own business unless you want to invest in my business. I've got plans that call for investors, not annoyances, and my personal life is not for anyone with similiar DNA or a badge or who calls themselves a boss to have any say in.
It's enough to make me regret shoving David Lynch around, just because he released Mulholland Drive without bothering to finish it first (see previous entry for the lurid detail). Enough moaning: back out to the real world for all the prying eyes to get a glimpse, and to hear folks talk about things they will never understand.

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