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August 2005

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08/02/2005: "opportunity #2"

music: Prokofiev's 2nd Symphony, !st movement
mood: brash

It seems that no one wants to give me a break, but that means I have to make a break. That's why I am going to offer my first collection of poetry for only $1500, in a brilliant one copy limited edition, autographed by the author, with a little of David Lynch's ectoplasm smeared on the cover for only $100
more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bargain. Send me your agreement, and it will be arranged.
After all, this is America, where anything can be yours if you want to pay. What could be better than something that no one else has, and will never be able to get? I'm serious about this offer: we're talking
fresh, yet timeless verse from me, a poet of distinction, totally unknown for extra mystery. You'll get extra goodies that won't be on any mass-produced edition, so if you consider yourself a patron of tha arts, this is your big chance to patronize me.
Short shots...thought Million Dollar Baby was overrated, especially the tragic ending. Why do people get so misty over a scenario that could never happen? If Eastwood hadn't been involved, I think people
would have called it for being maudlin, exploitive, and unrealistic. Too bad, because the first half of the movie crackles with life, but that horrible ending ruined everything. I'm in favor of euthanasia, but she would never have been in that situation in the first place in real life...Karl Rove will keep his job, I predict, but it shows how corrupt America is...more later...stay tuned....

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