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July 2005

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07/10/2005: "Poverty"

music: Brother, Can You Spare A Dime
mood: Downbeat

A man doesn't mind poverty for himself, mind you. It's for the people in his life that he's driven to succeed. To buy something nice for his mother; to entertain family and friends; to keep the little woman
from saying "You'll always be a loser, you no-good rotten bum you." Of course, there are always the big toys needed by big boys, too, but if one is a sage, then the need for such trifles seem so petty somehow. That's why people who are smart tend not to be rich: they lack that monomania required to concentrate on something small for long periods of time. Instead they focus on the big picture and get lost in their own thoughts, or become scientists and get used by industrialists, many of whom can't write and need secretaries to read letters for them. Of course, many idiots are also poor as well, and I speak out of personal feeling, rather than any empirical evidence. It's no crime to be poor, but maybe it should be. The punishment would be to hang out with Bill Gates or Donald Trump, which strikes me as cruel and unusual punishment indeed. The other rich folk are no fun either, and those born into money
seem to be rather stupid. That's why the rich don't party often with us poor folk: they're afraid we'll con them out of their ill-gotten gains, or track mud into their mansions. It makes me wonder if communism wouldn't be a good idea, but then it would probably fail here as it has so many other places.

The problem with communism was that Karl Marx made a glaring error: communism was not a synthesis, it was an anti-thesis to capitalism. What is needed is a new way, unseen by any ideologue,
but slowly being worked out in some places around the world. When this is finally realized, maybe poverty will no longer exist, and no one will have to be forced to associate with Donald Trump.

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