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July 2005

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07/05/2005: "Opportunity"

music: Cobwebs & Strange by The Who
mood: jolly

I should feel that life is hopeless, yet I don't. I should feel horrible about the corner I've been backed into, but I can always make a mad rush to daylight or claw my way through the wall. Both fine options, each having the element of surprise. Right now, it's not poverty that bugs me, it's how people treat me because I have no money. So if they're that shallow that my lack of funds keeps them out of my life, or makes them wish they didn't know me, then I want lots of money so I can say, "Go take a flying leap through a rolling donut". I'd give them a dollar if they can make it through, and then I'd tell them to get bent, and I'd go find new people who would love me for myself. Failing in that, I would fan myself with a stack of $100 dollar bills while I watched Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends. All I need to succeed is just a little seed capital: I've asked Mark Cuban, but he's prejudiced against T'wolf fans I figure, since he's never contacted me yet. Of course, like a wolf I should get back on his trail, and seek out other game. Until then, I'll work like a dog and find new opportunities on the side, in order to bring my life into some semblance of order. If I must panic, I'll do so with joy.

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