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June 2005

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06/30/2005: "New challenges"

music: 1st movement, Beethoven's 5th Symphony
mood: Bold

It's hard to take a new path in life when so many want you to stay on the established paths in life. Like walking in the woods, people will always keep you from leaving the trail to venture in a new direction. But sometimes the rewards are richer by going where no one else has ever gone, and if not, at least you satisfy your own curiousity, which in and of itself is worth the trouble. My latest foray involves using the brain God gave me for more than figuring out simple problems and learning things bosses don't really want you to know. For example, I've been in the food service business so long I could manage an account, but that's not something the boss wants to hear. Osmosis is not respected as a learning process in these times of ours: it worked out much better in the past, when you could start as a paperboy and become a sportswriter, like Sid Hartman. Nowadays that's not possible, and I think the world is a worse place because of that overreliance on going through the proper channels. Ergo, I must be in charge of my own creations, without worrying about whether I fit someone's mold, because I know what I can do, and I do it well. I should be wary about who I speak to, but I know I will make good. It's just a feeling I have; a feeling I have denied in the past, because I too fell in the same mental trap as the rest of society, but the feeling gives me strength so I dare not deny it anymore. I have lots of poems to publish, and my new screenplay is almost finished, which I think I can produce for a mere $75,000. Those of you who think that's a bunch of shit can think what you want, but those who are intrigued and willing to lend a hand would be amply rewarded. Don't forget: The Blair Witch Project cost a few thousand and made millions, while its sequel spent millions and made thousands. There's a moral there, one which if you figure it out will make you glad to support your local lunatic, namely your humble narrator, me.

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