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June 2005

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06/27/2005: "Civilization"

music: Piece of Crap by Neil Young
mood: Upset

There needs to be a moritorium on civilization on this planet. In a world of rapidly depleting supplies, it is folly to want everyone to live like Americans, especially in harsh environments like the Sahara Desert or the Arctic Circle. Those people should stick to camels and reindeer, respectively, and not start using jeeps and snowmobiles. There's enough places where people live like wimps, without having people live like wimps in places where wimps have no place being in the first place. Let nature be, and let people be part of nature; quit forcing ourselves and our damnable pretensions on every primitive corner of our world. Naturally, that also means no more exploration for oil: use what we have, and find a replacement for the garbage soon, preferrably within the next ten years. Otherwise, even the civilized parts of our globe will start turning nasty, and the wild places will lose their unique character. More about this later, as part of an ongoing series of essays about our doomed planet. That's happy news, eh?

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