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June 2005

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06/16/2005: "Internet sweepstakes"

music: Overkill by Motorhead
mood: Peeved

A couple of weeks ago, a pair if eyes popped up on my screen and I was told if I guessed which of three Hollywood movie stars they belonged to I would receive $100. Being poor, and being a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I used deductive reasoning to figure out that they belonged to none other than the wildly overrated Angelina Jolie. I was a winner! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! What I won was the right to waste twenty minutes of internet time filling out surveys, which got so sickening that I soon began answering no to every question in the hope that I would soon be set free. Eventually, it said if I applied for a Discover card I would get a Visa gift card for the aforementioned $100. So, guess what, cyber-kids? It then said I would get the gift-card after I activated the credit-card. Naturally, in a matter of days I received a letter from the Discovery people saying I wasn't eligible for their credit card. "What can you do Holmes?" Aside from just taking it, I think I should give Visa, Discover, and Angelina Jolie a hard time until one of them forks over my deserved prize. They'll rue the day they began messing around with bogus internet contests.

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