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June 2005

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06/06/2005: "movie"

music: We're in the Money
mood: jovial

Seeking out financing for my movie, now churning through my brain, I've been asking all my e-friends for their help. In the meantime, I've got a new job and I'm playing the lottery to keep up some cashflow in the coffers. My movie will be a public service fantasy, the likes of which no Hollywood hack could ever dream of, since it never was the plot for an episode of The Honeymooners.
I liked the new Star Wars movie and all, but I think all the crap that gets made is a waste of time and money. Since 90% of all movies suck, they should just make the 10% that are good and make the rest of the bozos wait on tables or clean pools, or whatever bad actors do when not making rotten movies.
Maybe Paulie Shore and the Baldwin brothers can lead a crack team of bad actors over to Iraq, in order to ferret out roadside bombs. Don't forget to take Martin Lawrence and Adam Sandler with you.
That's all I can think of from the cultural and strategic side. Keep the faith and make me happy. That's all for now.

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