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July 2006

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07/07/2006: "corruption"

music: "We're in the Money"
mood: cynical but understanding

In this time of governments running out of money, the Metropolitan Council has decided to back a new train right down the center of University Avenue, even though it will cost $800 million more than to run it down existing tracks only 6 blocks away. It is obvious why they did this: greed. Real estate speculators have hijacked the system so that their future profits matter more than than many small businesses along the avenue, and the well-being of the people in the surrounding neighborhoods. Right now, both of the Twin Cities need more police and other public service workers, yet the unelected council decides to piss away $800 million. Maybe it was because the federal government will pay half of our foolish expenditure that they did this, but the last I heard the U.S. government is several trillion dollars in debt. That being so, shouldn't we take the least expensive option? Especially since that option
would preserve a thriving community along the avenue, instead of destroying many small businesses so that big corporations can then come in and pick up on the ensuing wreckage, much as a hyena picks the bones of some carcass.
Something must be done to stop this corrupt and cynical ploy. The money interests count on the laziness and apathy of the average citizen to get away with such an egregious display of abuse of those
that the government has sworn to protect and serve. I say it must not be. The train can, and must, be stopped, for the sake of livable neighborhoods and small businesses, and yes, also for the very sake of our democratic republic. When the system can be manipulated for the sake of obscene profits by those who contribute to our leaders, the people regard the system as a joke, a horrible, cancerous joke.
I will find out how this abuse can be stopped, as it must be. Despite what the Met Council has decided, their crass kowtow to big business can be reversed. This blog will have more information as I begin the process of saving the Midway and the rest of their Central Corridor from the predations of the greedheads who threaten the destruction of our beautiful city, and the glorious country in which it resides.

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